• Development of conceptual estimates;
  • Master budgeting;
  • Development of master schedules;
  • Logistical planning including phasing and builing coordination;
  • Value engineering analysis and constructability review;
  • Establishment of procurement procedures;
  • Develop bid process;
  • Institute RFI process/system to monitor all inquires and responses;
  • Obtain and/or monitor permit process;
  • Compare subcontractor bids to master budget, and;
  • Establish and award subcontractor contracts.


  • General management services and provisions for onsite staff;
  • Develop/monitor a quality control program;
  • Budget and schedule reviews;
  • Direct weekly project meetings;
  • Manage all scope changes and change orders;
  • Monitor construction costs against budget;
  • Review shop drawings and material samples for compliance with contract documents;
  • Manage all trade contractors;
  • Maintain all field operations;
  • Monitor insurance and bonding requirements;
  • Manage the trade contractor requisition process;
  • Develop/monitor a comprehensive Safety Program;
  • Coordinate/monitor testing and inspections;
  • Coordinate project completion and turnover;
  • Coordinate and prepare a list of incomplete or unsatisfactory items;
  • Assist in the initial set-up and testing of building systems, and;
  • Manage final inspections and issuance of required guarantees, affidavits, releases, bonds, waivers and the delivery of manuals, record drawings and maintenance stocks.

Post Construction

  • Monitor warranties;
  • Coordinate Day 2 Items;
  • Coordinate move;
  • Develop operation and maintenance manuals;
  • Lead educational sessions for training on new systems.

Service & Maintenance

  • Identify building equipment in need of service;
  • Identify costs and frequencies for building equipment maintenance and service;
  • Coordinate maintenance and service with outside vendors.

Feasibility Studies

  • Identify real property, buildings and other assets worthy of investment;
  • Full service inspections and reporting;
  • Cost analysis and budgeting of inspections and reporting;
  • Cost analysis on depreciation of assets. 


  • Full service Clerk of the Works;
  • Full service Owner's Representation;
  • Full service Consultation on prospective prime contractors, subcontractors and vendors; 
  • Full service Move Management;
  • Full service Consultation on budgets, schedules, construction documents and Logistic Planning.